CANIK pistols are designed for military and law enforcement agencies and produced by  Samsun Yurt Savunma, a firearm manufacturer from Turkey. There are currently six series of pistols in the CANIK family of firearms: MKEK; P; Shark; S-FC; Stingray and TP. TP series of handguns are based on the German semi-automatic pistol Walther P99, whereas the rest of the series are based on CZ 75, one of the best pistol designs in the world. Four series of pistols from the CANIK family are available on New Zealand market. Modestly priced, yet high quality and of proven design, CANIK pistols represent excellent value.  CANIK Video Presentation



CANIK S120 Pistol

CANIK S120 pistol from the MKEK series serves as the base model for extended family of derived models. Based on the proven CZ 75 design, S120 is a DA/SA, short recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistol with exposed hammer and high capacity double stack magazine. It is of all steel anodized construction with serakote finish and corrosion resistant internal coating. The model features beavertail frame with serrated trigger guard and 3-dot sights.

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P series were initially designed as tactical and task force pistols for specialized police and military units. The main difference from the CANIK S120 model is the modified frame, which features integral accessory Picatinny rail.












Canik Shark-FC model is derived from S120 pistol and designed with the sport shooter in mind. The model features ported barrel and slide as well as the integral accessory Picatinny rail.

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The TP9 SF is a 9mm single-action, striker fired handgun with polymer frame, it is based on the German Walther P99, one of the best striker fired pistol designs. The pistol is designed to shoot a 3 inch groop at 25 yards and is guaranteed to pass NATO accuracy test up to 60K rounds. The pistol has been repeatedly tested to fire 60,000 rounds without a single failure. TP9 SF features cold hammer forged match grade barrel and striker status indicator. The full size frame has integral accessory Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913), serrated trigger guard and side changeable magazine catch.  Interchangeable backstraps  allow to customize the grip for greater control, comfort  and natural point of aim. Phosphate coated slide with serakote finish and corrosion resistant internal coating is forged from a single piece of military grade 4140 steel. TP9 SF features 3-dot steel sights with tritium night sights available as an option.

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Canik Competition Pistol

The purposely designed for competition Canik TP9 SFx model is based on TP9 SF pistol and features longer barrel, modified slide with lightening cuts, extended slide stop and magazine catch and Warren tactical sights with red or green fibre optic front sight. Tolerances have been tightened, the trigger has been improved. The pistol comes with four optic interface plates which allow the shooter to mount different red dot sights from different manufacturers. As the TP9 SF pistol this competition model is equiped with a striker status indicator and supplied with interchangeable backstraps. Polymer frame features integral Picatinny rail and serrated trigger guard. TP9 SFx pistols are supplied with 18- round or optional 20-round magazines.

The excellence of the new Canik model has been recognized with the firearms industry choice award “Handgun of the Year 2017”. In July 2017 a panel of 30 experts came to Rockcastle Shooting Centre for several days of hands-on testing and unbiased evaluation of 98 different products resulting in the TP9 SFx pistol winnig this prestigious title in the handgun category.

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Model Calibre Length Height Width Barrel Length Weight* Magazine


S120 9 mm 208 mm 142.5 mm 36 mm 120 mm 1000 gr 15, 17 
P120 9 mm 208 mm 144 mm 36 mm 120 mm 1175 gr 15, 17 or 19
Shark-FC 9 mm 208 mm 144 mm 36 mm 120 mm 825 gr 15, 17 or 19
TP 9 SF 9 mm 192 mm 145 mm 33 mm 113.5 mm 834 gr 15, 17 or 20

* Weight with empty magazine