Ghost Ultimate IPSC Holster

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Super Ghost Ultimate IPSC Holster

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The Super Ghost Ultimate is the product of evolution of the famous Amadini Ghost Sphere System. This holster is the fastest, safest and most innovative IPSC holster in the world. The revolutionary design of the Ultimate is unrivaled, making it the definitive choice of the best shooters all over the world.

Free-floating holster design is adjustable in tilt, height and distance from your body, allowing the Ultimate to be perfectly customized to your needs.

The locking mechanism is the safest and fastest on the market and allows you to draw straight from the holster.

The Super Ghost Ultimate holster has been ranked No.1 speed holster by American Shooting Journal.

All Ghost holsters are designed and manufactured in Italy, using premium unbreakable polymer materials.

Pistol Models: CZ 75 SP-01, Glock, STI/SVS

Orientation: right hand

Colour: black

Manufacturer: Ghost International, Italy